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Street Craps

George, the Craps-Guru welcomes you to the page that will teach you all you need it know about street craps. I talked a bit about this on my page called craps games, and so I’ll expand on it here. As you know, I am a master of the game of craps, and have taught countless individuals how to play the game and make the most of their gambling experience by guiding them gently along the sometimes bumpy path of craps knowledge. I intend to do the very same for you, so relax and get ready to enjoy my teachings to you, oh student of the Guru.

Street craps is almost just what the name implies, though it isn’t always played right in the street. When the ancestors of craps were developed hundreds of years ago, the game was a much simpler affair. Often, it only required a couple of people with some spare time, and a bit of cash burning a hole in their pockets, and of course a pair of dice. Those who wish can still play craps this way or even without money (though it’s really not as much fun that way!), as long as the players agree on the basic rules, and the dice are determined to be “straight”. All the players need is a flat surface to roll the dice on.

This informal version of craps can be found being played on a street corner (it is called Street Craps after all!), in a back alley, a private club, army barracks, or even in your own living room. The rules are the same as with casino craps, and slight adjustments will be made, depending on the actual situation. Playing street craps is a good way to practice up for the casino because you can get a real feel for how the dice work, and how to make the most intelligent bets.

For any of you familiar with Broadway musicals, the plot of the famous Guys and Dolls is based loosely around the activities of New York small-time criminals and professional gamblers. One character, Nathan Detroit, makes a living by running a "floating crap game". So here we see a good reference to street craps in popular culture. This is the version of craps that most of us are familiar with. You know the old movies that show some shady characters in a back room or an alley, having thrown together a quick street craps game, and keeping an eye out for the coppers.

This is one of the aspects of craps that make it so exciting; the feeling that you are in on something that could go either way at any time. It’s this volatility that draws gamblers to street craps and casino craps alike.

I hope I’ve been able to give you some “straight-shootin” advice about street craps. You know the Guru tries his best to give you the knowledge you need to make it at craps. Please feel free to stick around my site and gather more information as you feel the need. There are plenty more pages here to give you what you want. Take it from the Guru: you’re on your way now!


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