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Ah! Now comes the exciting stuff! Casino craps has historically been one of the most volatile and lively games in the casino. Your Guru, George has much knowledge to pass on to those that wish to know the ins and outs of casino craps, and all the fun that goes along with being right in the heart of the action at the casino. The real thing is well known as the game that can give the highest highs but also the lowest lows. This is one of the most played games of chance, and can definitely offer some of the biggest payoffs in terms of feelings of accomplishment when you win big after a hot streak, but there are also some dangers along the way that I’ll try to help you avoid. Just pay attention to the Guru and all will be revealed in time.

When you first walk into a casino, you can almost feel the energy from a hot craps table, pulling you like a magnet towards it. Don’t be afraid; I know that casino craps can be scary at first. All the excitement going on around the table, the players and their friends shouting at the top of their lungs urging on the shooter, and even the seeming complexity of the table are enough to put off all but the sturdiest of beginners. Not to worry! Let old George here guide you through your first experience at casino craps, and you’ll be playing like a veteran in no time at all.

As a newcomer, the best way to get your feet wet is to hang around and watch for a while. Pretty soon, you’ll get the feel for how things work, and who does what around the table. The only thing you do have to wait for once you’ve made the decision to jump in is a spot at the table to open up. You don’t have to wait for a certain point in the game to join in either, so if you’re waiting for a break in the action at a casino craps table (especially a hot one), you’ll grow old while you wait. Sometimes tables can be quite crowded and others nearly empty. This is due to superstitions surrounding the game of craps, and gambling in general. If there’s a really hot shooter at a particular table, and they’re on a good roll, it can attract folks from near and far, and it’ll be a while before there’s a spot for you to join in. On the other hand, if a table’s nearly empty, that might be because someone sensed some bad luck in the air, and once that feeling spreads, the crowds thin out awfully fast. Maybe by joining the action at a “cold” table, you can bring the good luck back with you. You’ll only find out once you’ve taken your first steps towards a real casino craps table.

Another thing you should take into account as a new craps player is that you should try to stick to the simple bets. If you haven’t already, you can learn more about the types of bets on my page about craps rules. As an amateur, the simplest bets have two advantages. They are the easiest to understand the workings of, and they’re also the ones with the best odds. This last fact makes it easy to feel comfortable playing casino craps very quickly. Once you do feel comfortable at the table, don’t be surprised to find yourself getting caught up in the spirit that descends around a casino craps table. You’ll be shouting and cheering, and exchanging high-fives with your neighbors in no time.

So don’t wait around here too long, unless you still have some more experience to gather from the Guru. If you do, just visit any page you feel has something to teach you. You’ll find me there, waiting patiently to spread my knowledge of craps to those who want it. And whenever you feel the urge, you’re welcome to take off for the nearest casino, or take a break from your studies to play online, which can be just as exciting as casino craps in its own way.

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