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Craps Strategy

Hello students of the Guru! Here, you will learn all about craps strategy from the master. George is here to guide you on your way through the mysterious and exciting world of craps. There is much to be learned about craps strategy, and Iím the one to show you.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about craps strategy is one of the simplest pieces of advice you can learn. Keep your Pass Line bet low, and take odds. You also want to maximize your odds and still keep up a level of risk that you can manage. Strategy here is all about odds, because you donít want to have the odds against you; and about managing your bankroll, because if you lose it all in one shot, youíre a gonner. Iím going to be talking a lot about odds and the ďhouse edgeĒ here, so for more on this, you can see what Iíve got to say on my craps odds page.

Craps is a fast and volatile game, and it doesnít matter how smart you bet or what craps strategy youíre following (even Georgeís!), youíve got to be prepared for a bad run of the dice; thatís where managing your bankroll comes into play. Since any dice game is by nature risky, you could lose it all on a single roll, even when cutting the house edge as much as possible by taking free odds to the limit. You must always be aware of how much cash you have in play, because those Come bets can really start to add up, more so when youíre taking odds.

Letís say a shooter (maybe even you!) is on a hot streak, and is making point rolls left and right. It canít get any better than this, and your craps strategy is really paying off now. If you get carried away in the moment or lose focus on your bets, then next thing you know, the shooter hits a 7, and away goes all that cash; just like that! But hey, thatís what makes craps such a thrilling game at the casino. Without all the huge wins and big losses, craps wouldnít have the reputation it does for being ďthe place to beĒ in any casino; online or land-based.

So the advice of the Guru is to take it slow and take it easy. Donít dive right in to craps, because you might drown if you arenít an expert swimmer. Take it from George. My advice about craps strategy is to start off simple. Bet on the Pass Line and take odds. So just wade in up to your knees at first. If the waterís fine, maybe you can add some Come bets with odds. Notice that youíre always adding odds to decrease that ever-present house edge. Next, you might want to venture over to the 6 or 8 (remember what I said about the 6 and 8 on my craps rules page?). Keep it slow, keep it easy. Donít get carried away. Itís so easy at this game to forget all about your craps strategy and get lost in the excitement at the table.

One last piece of advice from old George here: donít get too comfortable at the table. When this happens, even the most experienced player will find that theyíre drawn to the sucker bets. Those Proposition bets will surely drain your wallet if you arenít careful. Be aware that the Stickperson is trying hard to talk up the game, and make the players forget about playing smart. So stay focused, stay alert, heck, take a break now and then if youíre getting overwhelmed. No one minds if a player has to step back for a breather. Now you have all the teachings from the Guru, at least all there is about craps strategy. Thereís still more to learn from George, and itís all here on my site. Soon, if you stick to it, you may be a Craps-Guru just like me!


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